No two people are the same, but to be successful, everyone needs to be on a fitness journey that is effective, adaptable and sustainable. I believe that to achieve great results it requires education, support and constant motivation.

- Nathan Spring

personal training

Personal Training is important for a number of different reasons. Whether you’re an athlete or just beginning, one-on-one training will provide motivation and accountability, along with specific and effective exercise programming to ensure you are maximising your potential.

Personal training will simplify the process and take the guesswork out of exercise so you can gain a better understanding for yourself, which will benefit you long after your training, ensuring sustainable results.


For teams to be successful there needs to be preparation in pre-seasons, competition phases and off-seasons. For best development I work collaboratively with coaches to create a suitable strength and conditioning program that incorporates skill development, injury prevention and management, recovery and nutrition to achieve the best performance from your team all year round.

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Take the next step in your training and reach your potential with specific strength and conditioning programming that will have you mastering fundamental movement patterns necessary in sport and skill development. Skill specific training is important as it offers the ability to eliminate any weaknesses or imbalances you may have and reduces the chance of injuries.


Group fitness has so many awesome elements that makes it a great tool for keeping active. Group fitness will have you pushed and motivated in a fun and social environment. With no two sessions the same, you will stay excited with the variety that each class has to offer. Although being in a group environment, classes still provide a personalised touch that adapts training to suit each individual, guaranteeing a great and effective workout for everyone.


Effective exercise programs to suit your personal needs, abilities and goals. Learn how to incorporate an exercise regime into your lifestyle that is sustainable and will have you achieving great results. Programming will help you understand your direction, help you plan progressions effectively and challenge you to succeed.

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Gain a better understanding from a variety of health and fitness topics that will have you taking control of your own training and personal development. Workshops offer education and take home knowledge giving you the necessary tools to succeed.

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  • Goal Setting, Planning and Achieving