No two people are the same, but to be successful, everyone needs to be on a fitness journey that is effective, adaptable and sustainable. I believe that to achieve great results it requires education, support and constant motivation.

- Nathan Spring


Hello & Welcome to my new health and fitness blog.

After helping my clients and members here at the gym (The Local Gym Woombye) with their questions I thought I’d start blogging about my many discussions. Hopefully these blog posts and discussions are helpful to you too and start to answer many of your questions about health and fitness.

Now for those that don’t already know me, you may not know too much about what I do. So here is a little bit of an overview of what I do and who I work with as a personal trainer.

  • I deliver group fitness sessions for people looking for general improvements in health and fitness (fat loss, increase muscle mass and tone, improve cardiovascular health, prevent or reduce chances of preventable diseases)

  • I work with clients one-on-one to help achieve their goals as quickly as possible and to provide support and advice on making sustainable changes. My experience ranges from weight loss, strength training and rehabilitation (shoulders, back and knees)

  • I run an 8 week challenge called ‘The Spring Solution’ which focuses on educating clients on the process of successful weight loss. In this program I challenge clients to make both exercise and nutrition changes to support their goals and get them the best results possible

  • I also work closely with young athletes and sports teams to not only help improve fitness specific to their sport, but help them develop a great platform for them to build on. This means building both stability and mobility in their range of motion, improving movement patterns and increasing strength to increase performance and decrease chances of injury

As you read my blog posts please feel free to get in contact with me for any other questions you’d like answered, clarifications you may need or feedback you’d like to give me. Otherwise In the meantime, I hope that these blogs can have just as much of an impact on your life as it has on my clients.

Yours in fitness,

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