No two people are the same, but to be successful, everyone needs to be on a fitness journey that is effective, adaptable and sustainable. I believe that to achieve great results it requires education, support and constant motivation.

- Nathan Spring

It's your choice

Often when I speak with beginners and anyone looking to get back on track the same question will usually come up. 

Where should I start?

My best suggestion for someone in the beginning is to try and focus on making healthier choices whenever you can. You don't need to completely cut things out or flip your life upside down to do this successfully. You simply need to make better choices every time you have the opportunity.

A few years ago the Australian Government ran a campaign called ‘Swap it, don’t stop it’ which focused on promoting the simple, everyday changes people can make to get them on their way to a healthier lifestyle without losing all the things they love.

The campaigns call to action was for people to swap what they were already doing, for something healthier without having to stop it altogether. This concept is a great way to introduce change into your lifestyle in an achievable and sustainable way.

Here are a few examples of how easy it can be:

  • Have smaller sized portions at meals
  • Reduce intake of alcohol and soft drinks
  • Go for a walk instead of watching TV
  • Have your favourite treats sometimes instead of often
  • Choose fresh food over fried food

I am a big believer that your body is a reflection of your lifestyle and it's the decisions you make every day that impact not only your health or the way you look, but also the way you feel inside.

‘Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle’

Please understand that this isn’t something that should happen overnight. Instead, it should be a slow progression that helps you make better and long lasting decisions over time. The longer you can maintain healthier lifestyle choices, the better they will become.

So the next time you need to make a choice between fast food or cooking, exercising or sitting or even a bottle or a glass. I want you to think to yourself, how can I make this choice healthier for me? 

It's your choice, take responsibility and make it count! 

Yours in fitness,

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