No two people are the same, but to be successful, everyone needs to be on a fitness journey that is effective, adaptable and sustainable. I believe that to achieve great results it requires education, support and constant motivation.

- Nathan Spring

A Simple Start to Losing Weight

Are you feeling confused about how to lose weight?

Are you feeling like its too hard?

Do you feel like no matter what you do, you still can’t lose weight?

You’ve heard the 100’s of weight loss solutions out there and even after all your efforts you’re still not losing weight, or not as much as you’d like to anyway.

If this is you, I want you to reset and start focusing on these 3 instructions. Losing weight doesn’t have to be complicated, which is why this post is dedicated to drawing your attention to what is important and what makes a difference. It’s time for you to get started on the right foot with the right frame of mind!

1. Take control of your Nutrition

I guarantee that this will be one of your biggest game changers. I’m not talking about skipping meals, cutting carbs/sugar, eating only protein or using shakes/supplements. I mean taking control of what you put in your mouth!

What you eat is what fuels you and makes your body function, so don’t you think you should know exactly what you’re putting into it?

You should know how much food you need and the best types for your goals. You’re probably currently underestimating the impact your current nutrition has on you, so take the time and make the effort to learn more about it. Alternatively, you can get some support from a qualified nutritionist or dietician.

2. Become a more active person

This one you should know but how it applies to your lifestyle is what you need to understand, because right now you most likely overestimate how active you are!

Just think, out of your day (24hours) how much of that time are you being ‘active’. If you added all of that time together over a week would it be 200+ minutes, or less? Even though training and workouts are important, it doesn’t necessarily make you an active person. What you do most of the time is what makes the difference. Because if you’re sitting down for most of the day at work, then doing a 45min boot camp a couple of times a week just isn’t going to cut it!

Get into perspective how much activity you are doing, and increase whenever and however you can. That might be walking the dog, playing with the kids, starting a sport, climbing a mountain or swimming at the beach. It’s not important what it is, it’s just important that you get out there and move more!

3. Understand the process of weight loss and set realistic expectations

This one is really important and really focuses on being mindful and positive through a process that can be challenging and emotional. If you are trying to lose weight then I’m guessing you won’t want to put it back on again. With that being said you should aim to lose the weight gradually by making lifestyle changes you can sustain forever.

Don’t set an overnight expectation and take your time to fine tune what works and what doesn’t. Losing weight is the outcome, but getting there is about lifestyle changes and choices that you can stick to. Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle so take on the journey, learn from it, and become the person you want to be both inside and out.

Yours in fitness,

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